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Happy New 2022

Happy new year to all our customers and followers. We hope you have been able to relax and enjoy the festive period with your nearest and dearest? We appreciate that the work still continues for you, even though many have been on a break, there are always animals to tend to and ‘muck out’, but we hope it has been a little easier.

With the current cold snap we are experiencing this winter it can be tough going, but Spring is a mere few weeks (okay months) around the corner and the nights are getting shorter. Here at S4Bed HQ we are always busy preparing our recycled bedding for you. We like to make it as fresh for you as possible to make sure you have the best quality product for your horse’s bed (or any other animal for that matter). So, please plan ahead and give us plenty of notice on your next order so we can get it prepped for you in good time.

Nine Top Tips To Save You Time On Your Yard This January

We appreciate having horses in winter is hard, and this is particularly true in the midst of January. It’s dark, freezing cold, wet, muddy and of course, feels like the loooongest month of the year. Here are some top time saving tips from S4Bed to help you get through.

1, Invest in numerous haynets, have a ‘stuff it day’ and fill enough for the week to save you time in the mornings.

2, Think about deep littering your bedding through the week and removing the wet at the weekend, it will save you a lot of time during the week.

3, Don’t be afraid to clip. If your horse is in work a clip will save time so you aren’t dealing with a sweaty, wet horse.

4, Invest in a good mucking out fork appropriate for the type of bedding you use. It will save you a great deal of time.

5, Frozen water buckets are a bug bear for horse owners during the winter and breaking the ice is no mean feat (never mind making your hands cold and wet). Put a tennis ball into your horse’s water buckets to stop them freezing and save yourself the task of having to break the ice in the mornings.

6, A head torch will make the short daylight hours seem less daunting and allow you to get on with your jobs, though be aware horses may get spooked by one at first sight!

7, If you have enough feed buckets, make up your horse’s feeds in bulk at the weekend or on your day off, all you’ll have to do is dampen them in the morning.

8, Prioritise. Have a routine order in which you do things and stick to it. Less important jobs can always be left for another day when you have more time.

9. Bulk order your bedding and feed where possible and get it delivered and stacked to save you rushing about.