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Is cardboard safe for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs, like their rodent cousins, have a natural propensity to chew. Their teeth continue to grow throughout their lives. So, chewing on almost anything in sight helps keep their teeth in check. It’s not ideal to have them chewing on their cages or your wiring so having something else for them to chew on is great. Cardboard is safe for Guinea Pigs to gnaw on, with it being a wood-based product. However, it’s crucial to note that while chewing on cardboard is beneficial, consuming it regularly can lead to health issues, such as intestinal blockages. It’s important to give your Guinea Pig a variety of snacks to chew on.


Is Cardboard bedding safe for Guinea Pigs?

Cardboard bedding has many benefits to pets of all sizes, including guinea pigs. Though there might be a slight inclination to chew on the bedding, this can be minimised by adding plenty of food and other chewing toys throughout their pen.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about using our cardboard bedding for guinea pigs:

“I love S4Bed because I have allergies myself so the fact that it is dust extracted means I have no issues or flare-ups using it. There are no ammonia spots and it simply doesn’t smell, unlike any other bedding. I’m a complete convert and I would 100% recommend S4Bed bedding to other people with small animals like guinea pigs, rats, mice, degus and tortoise amongst many others”  -Lorraine Cousillas


Benefits of using S4Beds cardboard bedding for guinea pigs

Dust-Free Environment

Unlike some other types of bedding, S4Beds shredded cardboard is dust extracted. This means it’s virtually free from dust, a common irritant that can lead to respiratory problems in guinea pigs, especially if kept indoors. By using shredded cardboard as bedding, you reduce the risk of your guinea pig developing respiratory issues, contributing to a healthier and happier pet.


Environmentally Friendly

S4Bed produces our own shredded cardboard from recycled documents. Making it the greener solution for pet bedding. Additionally, used cardboard bedding can be composted, and usually begins to biodegrade within 10-12 weeks of use, thus contributing to a circular economy right in your backyard.


Super Absorbency

When it comes to absorbency, cardboard outperforms straw. Helping to control moisture levels within the guinea pig enclosure. This aids in odour control meaning your Guinea Pig pen will remain smelling fresh between cleanouts.


Ventilation and Thermal Properties

Shredded cardboard bedding offers excellent ventilation, preventing the buildup of dampness and providing your guinea pig with a fresh environment. Furthermore, cardboard is a great insulator. It helps keep the enclosure warm during cooler months, creating a cosy environment for your furry friend.


Get in touch with S4Bed today to learn more about the benefits you could find when switching to cardboard bedding, or find out yourself by ordering here!

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