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Why use Cardboard Bedding for Poultry

When choosing poultry bedding, there are options beyond just straw or wood shavings. Enter cardboard bedding – an often overlooked, yet wonderful alternative. There are many benefits of using cardboard bedding for poultry and game, ranging from sustainability, comfort and even cost. We’ll delve into the benefits that you’ll discover if you start using cardboard bedding throughout this blog post.


One of the primary reasons cardboard bedding is gaining popularity is due to its sustainability. S4Bed shredded cardboard bedding is a by-product of many industries, making it a readily available material. Instead of sending cardboard directly to landfills, reusing it as bedding allows poultry and other animal keepers to contribute to waste reduction. Making it an eco-friendly choice.

Reduced Dust

S4Bed Cardboard bedding is dust extracted, and unlike straw or wood shavings, making it virtually dust and pollen free. This helps prevent respiratory issues, often seen in animals exposed to dusty bedding. Making it both the perfect bedding for preventing respiratory issues and for animals that already suffer from sensitive respiratory systems.

Absorbency and Odour Control

Cardboard is known for its absorbency, which makes it a great option for controlling moisture levels within the coop. It can soak up droppings and prevent the development of a damp environment, which is critical in reducing the risk of diseases and infections among birds. Furthermore, the absorbency of cardboard also aids in controlling odours, contributing to a more pleasant and healthier environment.

Comfort and Insulation

Cardboard bedding provides a comfortable and warm surface for your flock. The soft nature of shredded cardboard is gentle on the birds’ feet, decreasing the risk of foot problems.

Cardboard is a great insulator, keeping animals warm in winter and cool in summer.


After use, cardboard bedding can be composted, turning it into a nutrient-rich soil for your garden. This reduces waste and contributes to the circular economy, where waste is minimised and resources are maximised.


S4Bed cardboard bedding is beneficial not only for your birds, but also for your wallet! Compared to its more common bedding alternatives such as shavings, straw or wood pellets, cardboard bedding is a much cheaper alternative. If you live in the East Grinstead area, we can provide free delivery on our bales or you can collect direct from us. Visit our delivery page for more information on deliveries to your location.


Whilst cardboard bedding holds numerous benefits, to get the most out of your bedding, maintenance is crucial. Regularly turning over the bedding can help maintain its effectiveness and prolong its usability. The cardboard must be changed out frequently to prevent it from caking, but the design of the shredded cardboard means that changing the bedding is a quick and easy process.

In conclusion, cardboard bedding is a sustainable, absorbent, and comfortable bedding alternative for poultry and game. As with any choice in poultry keeping, it’s important to gauge the specific needs of your birds and and what works best for you. But for those interested in a sustainable, accessible, and efficient option, cardboard bedding might just be the perfect fit.

Try our trial pallet to see if it’s a good fit for your flock, or learn more about the benefits of cardboard bedding.

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