Nine Top Tips To Save You Time On Your Yard This January

We appreciate having horses in winter is hard, and this is particularly true in the midst of January. It’s dark, freezing cold, wet, muddy and of course, feels like the loooongest month of the year. Here are some top time saving tips from S4Bed to help you get through. 1, Invest in numerous haynets, have a ‘stuff it day’ and…

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Still Your Bedding Supplier During Lockdown Two

Over the weekend the government announced new national restrictions that will come into force on Thursday 5th November until 2nd December 2020. During the previous lockdown we were able to remain open because S4Bed provides animal bedding which is exempt from the restrictions. The holding company for our business S4B Group remained open throughout also due to essential status. S4B…

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Searching for the best bedding solution?

Searching for the best bedding solution for your horse or pony can be a bit of a minefield. Often owners will take to social media platforms and other forums to ask for advice and in the process receive a raft of suggestions, often leaving the owner more baffled and confused than they did before! Some of the common issues we…

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