Cardboard Converts

“We have now completely changed over to cardboard shavings. We had done already in most areas and just using up the old wood shavings in off display areas. The cardboard seems to be much more absorbent, and less dust too. Visually they look good, particularly in our barn area, and the “story” with them being recycled is great. Thanks”.

British Wildlife Centre

Wholeheartedly Recommend

“We have been using S4Bed cardboard bedding for our horses for over a year. We are delighted with the quality of the product, and it is by far the best bedding which we have ever used. Deliveries are always on time, and the driver is most pleasant and helpful. It comes in strong, easily handled bags, the contents of which are clean, and produce no dust when they are opened. The size of the cardboard pieces is ideal, making them most absorbent and yet small enough to rot down quickly on the muck heap, unlike shavings which disintegrate slowly. The cardboard produces a mulch which is very easily spread on our fields, and which washes rapidly into the ground. There is nothing in the cardboard to affect horses with dust allergies, and of course, they are not tempted to eat it, as is the case with straw.
I would wholeheartedly recommend the S4Bed cardboard to anyone who wishes for a comfortable and easily maintained bed for their horse, produced by a family-owned company who are always friendly and helpful and who really seem to care about service to their customers.”

Sandra K

Super Product

“Thank you for supplying bedding to me in Swanley, it’s a super product with prompt and professional delivery service. Thank you to the lovely lady on the phone who always takes my calls”.

Louise B

Brilliant Service

“Thank you for my bedding ..what a great driver you have ..brilliant service and a lovely chap ..thank you”

Tara H

Bedding looks fresh

“I have found S4Bed easy to use, quick to clean out, and the bedding looks fresh all the time, and definitely better than using shavings of sawdust which so many people use, but which could get into his eyes and make them sore”

Lorraine C

Love this bedding

“S4Bed is so easy to muck out and my horses’ allergies are kept at bay by it being dust extracted. 100% recommend to others”

Collection Customer


“Driver was very helpful with unloading and stacking bales also had good product knowledge, prompt delivery time and good communication on ETA, will order again as regular customer, many thanks”

Kent Customer

Quick and easy to muck out

“I have been using S4Bed for my pony with COPD for the last few months and I have definitely noticed a difference, she’s not coughing as much and I’m quite time poor so the fact it’s is so quick and easy to muck out is a godsend.”

East Sussex Customer

Great Communication

“Communication from office and delivery guy could not be better. Not often you get a company nowadays from whom you get genuinely great service and a great product at a good price …well done and thank you!.”

Kent Customer

Keeping her stable much cleaner

We are tight on muck heap space at our yard. S4Bed has helped my very wet mare keep her stable much cleaner and I’m using less as a result and the muck heap is less unruly.”

Denise W

Amazing Product

“This has been an amazing product for me as I have a pony who has medical needs due to allergy to dust mites, his itching is so much better he looks better too, Hardly any dust in stable. It’s also very absorbent. The efficiency of this company is amazing always try to help you as quick as they can, the driver stacks mine for me as I can not lift anymore, overall just excellent”.

Sussex Customer

Horses don’t slip when travelling

“S4Bed is great to put in our horsebox when travelling as it soaks up the wet and the horses don’t slip when travelling.”

Olivia W

It’s easy for the children to clean out

“I use S4Bed for my childrens’ hamsters and guinea pigs, it keeps them cool in summer and toastie in winter, and the bonus is it’s easy for the children to clean out. I like the fact that it’s recycled too.”

Caroline Y

Alternative bedding

We use S4Bed for our rabbits and find it to be a good alternative to other bedding.”

East Grinstead Customer

Helps with medical needs

“This has been an amazing product for me as I have a pony who has medical needs due to an allergy to dust mites, his itching is much improved, and he looks better too, there’s hardly any dust in his stable. It’s also very absorbent. The efficiency of the company is amazing and they always try to help you, the driver stacks mine for me as I cannot lift anymore, overall just excellent.”

Sevenoaks Customer

Good Value

“Good Service and the bedding is really good value for money.”

Ditchling Customer

Lovely Job

“Lovely bedding, pony is lying down more and its less dusty than previous bedding so is coughing less. The delivery is seamless, driver polite and friendly (as are office staff) and quite happy to stack it in a stable for me (I do help!).”

Gatwick area Customer


“Very helpful and quick to respond, good quality bedding.”

Warlingham Customer


“The person I was emailing was brilliant, quick and helpful.”

Essex Customer