Benefits of Recycled Cardboard Animal Bedding

S4Bed’s recycled cardboard animal bedding is better for your animal. Whether it’s a large animal like a horse or donkey, or a small pet such as guinea pig or hamster, it is the healthy alternative to straw. And it’s kinder on your pocket.

Benefits of Recycled Cardboard Animal Bedding

S4Bed Animal bedding is made from recycled cardboard, and the dust is extracted creating a bedding that is healthier, and more cost-effective than traditional bedding such as straw. shavings and wood pellets.

S4Bed Horse and Animal Bedding offers a number of benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly – made from locally sourced recycled material
  • Good for animals with allergies or respiratory issues as dust extracted so practically dust free
  • Good ventilation and thermal properties
  • More absorbent than straw
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional bedding such as shavings, straw or wood pellets
  • Comfortable
  • Rots down quicker than shavings on a muck heap.  S4Bed is fully compostable and degrades within 6-8 weeks
  • Easy to manage  making mucking and skipping out a quicker task

It is suitable for large and small animals – horses, donkeys, ponies, goats through to hamsters, guinea pigs – and everything in between.

Available 20KG bags or can be ordered by the pallet load (20 bags).



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