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Why use Cardboard bedding instead f straw or sawdust horse bedding image. Photo by Pixabay:

Why use Cardboard over Straw or Shavings Horse Bedding?

Shavings and straw have been a long-time go-to for horse owners as both a cheap and environmentally friendly bedding material. They’re readily available, relatively inexpensive, and have been used in stables across the globe for years. However, as we learn more about the specific needs of our equine friends, it’s clear that straw or shavings horse bedding may not always be the best choice.

Though there is nothing outright wrong with using these types of bedding, they may work just fine for you and your horse. However, we encourage you to take a look at the benefits of using shredded cardboard bedding over these alternatives.

Absorbency of Materials

Straw is not very absorbent. Though aesthetically pleasing, it is prone to moisture and mould and needs to be monitored carefully. Straw may also be eaten by horses and while okay in small quantities, large amounts can lead to a variety of health issues. Some types of straw can also cause skin irritations.

Shavings are much more absorbent than straw and other wood bedding as it has a larger surface area. You also need to be aware of where the shavings are sourced from as different types of wood have different properties and the excess from sawmills can potentially bring in dangerous splinters.

Cardboard bedding is renowned for its absorbency. It effectively soaks up urine, helping to control moisture levels within the stable. This absorbency feature helps maintain cleanliness, reducing the risk of bacterial growth, and also aids in odour control. It also clumps together, making it easier for you to muck out the stables.

Dust Levels

Both Straw and Shavingscan have high levels of dust. Straw is more manageable and dust is less of an issue than in sawdust horse bedding, but it heavily depends on the quality of the straw.

You can get dust-extracted shavings bedding and we’d always recommend going for this option if you can. Despite being dust extracted, due to the nature of shavings, there is always a chance of dust particles being raised up as the horse moves around the stable. Best for use in an open enclosure.

S4Beds cardboard bedding is dust-extracted and practically dust free. Making it the perfect solution for horses, or any animal, that may be suffering with respiratory issues.

Have we won you over with our cardboard bedding benefits? Or are you still a little apprehensive about the idea? Take a look at our testimonials to see all of our current happy customers and try our trial palet before you feel like you need to dedicate yourself. Alternatively, get in touch with us if you have any questions, call us on 01342 659100.

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