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Grinny Pig

We met up with one of lovely our customers, Lorraine Cousillas, Owner of Stirrups Equestrian Supplies in East Grinstead, and her positively adorable boar guinea pig Rubin who will be turning three in November. He is one of the most well-handled, well-loved, and well-behaved indoor guinea pigs we have had the pleasure of meeting. Lorraine has been using S4Bed in Rubins beds for nearly six months, so has had plenty of time to test out the bedding with Rubin and to give us their honest feedback.

Lorraine had previously been using another type of bedding, but found it to be more costly and less absorbent than S4Bed. She commented” I have found S4Bed easy to use, quick to clean out, and the bedding looks fresh all the time, and definitely better than using shavings of sawdust which so many people use, but which could get into his eyes and make them sore”


  • Dust extracted
  • Non-allergenic (for pet and owner!)
  • Easy to use
  • No smell
  • looks good
  • Absorbent
  • One 20kg bag lasts ages
  • Environmentally friendly

She continued “I love S4Bed because I have allergies myself so the fact that it is dust extracted means I have no issues or flare-ups using it. There are no ammonia spots and it simply doesn’t smell, unlike any other bedding. I’m a complete convert and I would 100% recommend S4Bed bedding to other people with small animals like guinea pigs, rats, mice, degus and tortoise amongst many others”

Kind on your animals - Kind on the environment

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